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    How is Industry 4.0 which is on the hot topic exactly defined? Not having been far from us, it should be assumed as the adaptation that we are approaching and doing in our everyday activities. Obviously, it can be seen IIoT (Industry Internet of Things) in Industry 4.0 as well as Sensors have also been utilized in the Agriculture and Production sectors. On top of that, we can endorse Digital Currency in Banking and Finance sector and now Mobile Banking has been developing widespreadly in our country. In the near future, the role of ATMs might have been faded away because of the extended area of Debit and Credit cards and Mobile Money & Digital Wallet on mobile phones. This would definitely be referred as the evolution from Traditional Economy to Digital Economy. Actually, the Revolutions are not very new to the world we live in. Instead, they came up repeatedly in the history. Now this time is the turn for Industry 4.0. Whenever the society faces with such Revolutions, the behaviours and procedures of everyday life have been changed in people.

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    Student Facillities

    Supporting WiFi Internet Free Access in the campus joining with high-speed fiber internet cables

    Providing library in every campus including up to date E-library

    Preparing an email account with personal name at school Domain in order to communicate with teachers and do assignment

    Providing laboratory stocked with Cisco Devices, Dell servers and other necessary equipment

    Having clean and hygienic cafeteria in campus

    Contributing free access to academic resources including course books and materials

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