• Awarded by University of Bucks New University (UK)

• Joint Training Provided by Magna Carta College (UK) & YIU

1. Strategic Marketing

It is not ordinary Marketing. It aims to be able to seek the strategic market. So, this module helps students learn how to seek the market using Strategic Marketing Systems.

2. Managing Innovation in Business

This module enables students to learn how to manage innovation in business

3. Leading and Managing Change

The business has to change with the times. Thus, businesses that cannot make such changes will be left behind. Hence, the business considers what aspects are necessary to change and how to change them. In every single change, leadership plays a vital role as one of the requirements. Therefore, Leadership and Change Management are taught together.

4. Corporate Strategy and Governance

This module will enable the students how to implement the Corporate Strategy and set the strategy in large enterprises such as corporate businesses.

Note: The evaluation process is in the assignment system and students must submit the assignment three times in each module. The partner universities will be responsible for assignment questions and evaluation processes. 

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