Level 3 IT

Contents learnt in Level 3 National Diploma in IT (Foundation)

Microsoft word

The main purpose of this subject is leading how to use effective tools with the fluent typing skill to design a variety of documents by the purpose of being able to hand in the lesson assignments through the term, which can also be applied practically in the real organizations and companies.

Microsoft PowerPoint

To be able to make a presentation in the smartest way, there is no doubt that handling preparation of PowerPoint is essential. It is likely to be beneficial in the workplace if can be drawn up in detail for a project.


As the result of being a class based on computing diploma, computer programming subject must be learned as a vital subject.  This subject is to be able to collaborate between humans and computers in order to solve the problems for any social and business contexts. However, the one learned in foundation class would be involved just basic theories.


It stands for Hyper Text Mark-up language and it is taught for being able to make Web design by creating structure on the web from page layouts and paragraphs to links, tags and attributes with some brief, error-free HTML codes.


English language is recognized as a supplement subject whose subskills can assist to be smoother in learning major subjects such writing assignment, doing a project, creating programs, sending emails, informing and complaining foreign mentors being an international university.

 How to write assignment

This is a strategic sub-subject which lectures the systematic ways of writing assignments about the respective subjects. The primary purpose of this subject is to help students organize ideas, develop points logically, make explicit connections, situate an argument in the relevant context by promoting learner autonomy instead of conservative learning.

How to make smart presentation

When it comes to illustration of students’ productivity and creativity, a standardized presentation is taught while involving public speaking skill. Students will be able to create innovative ideas and interesting slides to illustrate their talk through the use of presentation aids in this subject.

Contents learnt in Level 3 National Diploma in IT (First Semester)

Computer system

The primary target of this aspect is to be able to analyze software, hardware and other important topics related to the computer. It can raise up problem solving skill in a variety of business and social contexts.

 Procedural Programming

The basic content of this subject is how to write some new programs by separating into a collection of variables, data structures and subroutines.

Impact of the use of IT on Business

It is doubtless that the use of IT is rocketing in nearly all the business sectors. Computers and IT support help business people go up their profits with smarter and better invention. Hence, this subject is considered to teach how to change analog technology to digital media and to be able to apply other important business issues.

Communication and Employability skills for IT

Communication skills are keys to success in any sector and it is needed to develop some soft skills to become effective employees. Specific software packages and advanced tools are supporting how to contact and complain, how to report and write emails in business contexts. Moreover, learners will be able to understand the personal attributes valued by employers and address personal development needs.

Level 3 National Diploma in IT (Second Semester) တွင် သင်ကြားမည့် ဘာသာရပ်များ

Client sides customization of web pages

As long as website designs consist of sophisticated and interactive webpages, website creators need to be familiar with standard tools and techniques to be able to create a smart web pages with complex layouts. Thus, the aim of this subject is to be able to understand the fundamentals of cascading style sheets (CSS) and be able to create interactive webpages.

Installing and upgrading software

There have been trending installation of updated software’s to keep computers and mobile devices running smoothly.  In this subject, students will be able to realize how to check different types of software licenses, upgrade issues as well as be able to aware of the security considerations.

Systems Analysis and Design

Most of organizations usually access particular business situation and develop ways to improve them through more optimal methods. The outcome of this subject is to be able gather requirements, modal system, choose appropriate software development methodologies and maintain the system overtime.

Computer Network

There have been running some fundamental functions of business and organizations effectively by using computer networks. This subject present understanding of computer networks and technologies to be able to design, implement, and manage network, as well as troubleshoot network problems and optimize network performance.

Maintain computer systems

It can be said that there is no annoying issue than a slow computer running too badly. As a result, a good computer maintenance support has been considered as an important sector. Hence, this subject introduces preventive maintenance which involves regularly updating software and checking for hardware issues while corrective maintenance which includes fixing problems such as troubleshooting and repairing a broken component.

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