International GCSEs Program

What is International GCSE program?

It is a program that should be studied and well-practiced by and for those students who wish to attend universities abroad.

In which country this program is based?

This is a program constructed and is accredited by a prestigious educational organization based in England called Pearson. Edexcel is from that organization and is based in the UK. Not only it synergizes with (110) countries but is delivering over 2500 Pearson programs.

Having comprised of a range of programs, it is a must for those wishing to study abroad.

Why choose International GCSE Programs?

    • It’s one of the most popular international qualifications for those ambitious students who want to achieve something bigger.


    • If graduated with this qualification, students can apply whichever major they may like at international universities.


    • Furthermore, for those students who want to go and study in countries like the UK, the UK University Admission Service (UCAS) recognizes international GCSE as the same standard as GCSE.


    • Further, IGCSE is constructed in such a way that it goes in harmony with the learners’ mother tongues and cultures.


    • Having over (40) subjects to choose from, students can opt for their favorite subjects or the subjects that are required by the university they want to go and study at.

Subjects you can study at YIU

  • Having (11) subjects at our Youth International university to choose from, students can choose (6) subjects depending on their eagerness and interests.

    The Subjects students can choose:

    English as a second language


    Further Pure Maths




    Informational & Technology

    Computer Science




    Our well-experienced education consultants can provide help when it comes to choosing the subjects.

Program duration and age limitation.

Foundation Class (6 months) – between 14 to 15 years

Regular Class (24 months) – between 15 to 16 years

Intensive Class (12 months) – between 16 to 17 years

Estimate Expense

Around 80,000 to 100,000 per subject

Our Teachers

Those who are going to teach are also well-experienced and professional  qualified in their respective subjects.

Taking the Exam

As we are an approved center, students can come and take the exam at our own center without any worries.

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